Holecutters NI offers a range of services for the domestic market. Do you need:

  • A hole cut in a wall for your new extractor fan in the kitchen or bathroom?
  • Thinking about moving your tumble dryer or washing machine and need a hole cut in a wall?
  • Need a vent on your wall for a gas fire?

If you do, Holecutters NI can provide you with the service you need throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland. We are able to drill through most materials including stone, concrete, brick, block and granite. The holes can be required for a range of services such as plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

With the use of our hand-held dry diamond core system we can achieve these holes quickly, neatly and with the minimum disruption – all at a reasonable price.

  • We use the latest equipment – holes drilled quickly and safely
  • We core accurate holes – no making good required
  • High quality diamond bits – low levels of noise and vibration
  • No hammer action – low vibration prevents structural damage
  • Local company – you can trust us. Help support local companies
  • Trained, polite, trustworthy staff – you deserve the best

What is core drilling?

The art of drilling holes in walls or floors is often referred to as Diamond Core Drilling. Diamonds are used in core drilling due to their ability to cut through almost any solid material and leave a smooth edge to the hole.

Contact us now to arrange a free quote and site visit – 077 8440 1112 or email us info@holecuttersni.co.uk